Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Haul: Sheinside Hits & Misses

Following my previous 'Hits & misses' post and your fabulous comments referencing how you've not seen this type of post done on other peoples' blogs before, I'm carrying on with another... From Sheinside. After seeing one of Amy Valentines' vlogs a few weeks ago and noticing how affordable Sheinside clothes were, I just couldn't help myself...

1. Bitches Capped sleeve top £6.60
Before ordering, this was my favorite item from the bunch, I absolutely love the bitches slogan especially wrapped in the love heart. It's two complete opposites, but they work so well together! I ordered this in a Medium thinking it'd look lovely over sized however I didn't realise it's slightly cropped. I'm unsure about crop tops, I really don't know if I can get away with them, I think I'm going to keep this though and give it a go, even if it's just for the Bitches slogan.

2. Jade Green Bracelet £3.16
I absolutely love this! I don't think there's much I can say about this bracelet really, it is what it is. The only pointer I have is that the chain is really quite long allowing the bracelet to shrink down suiting even the tiniest wrists like mine. Wahey!

3. High Waist Flare Midi Skirt £9.02
This ones a bit hit and miss, it's super super flared, almost ridiculously flared. So bear that in mind when ordering because I don't think you can tell from the image. I'm slightly disappointed with the waistband on the skirt I have to say, I know it's really cheap but I wish it'd been a bit better put together. I'm not sure weather I'm going to keep this or not because I thought it'd look perfect with a tucked in cami but the waistband is really really off putting. Dilemmas, dilemmas. 

4. Cut Out Blouse £8.01
And finally my favourite item of the lot (after trying on) is sucha simple yet stylish white blouse. Firstly the material of this is amazing, it's got the right amount of clingy-ness for it to look fitted but not too tight that you're showing off your little love handles. I love the simpleness as well of this top, the cut out arms are very on trend at the moment, and you cant see from the picture but at the back is a giant split exposing your lower back. Super super lovely! I'll deffinitely be getting some wear of this!!

Overall I'd say I'm pretty impressed with Sheinside, I love how affordable everything is however I think you need to bear in mind the quality of the products may not be totally up to scratch. Price wise though I think they're brill. I'm still really unsure about the skirt, I'll probably end up keeping it because it was only £9 but out of the four items it's definitely my least favorite.

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.


  1. The cut out blouse is my fave too! xx


    1. Deffinitely :-) It's such a lovely fit!! X

  2. Sheinside really do amazing stuff! One bad thing is that they dont do free returns :p But i really like your picks. Think you'll really suit the skirt and find a great way to style it :) X
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    1. I know. So so cheap isn't it! It's unbelievable :-) Thank youu honey. I'm a bit unsure at the moment on how to style it but I'm sure I'll give it a bloody good go!! X


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