Monday, 25 August 2014

Outfit: Sports Luxe & Ripped Jeans

Today I went to my first ever Car Boot Sale over in Stokesley and even though I didn't buy anything I still had a brilliant day. You can pick up some complete bargains at Car Bootys, it's true what they say, 'One persons trash is another persons treasure'. There were loads of super cute retro kitchen appliances, pretty coloured glass vases & enough sweets to last a lifetime.

So today I've finally dug out this fury leather jacket! I don't usually wear this one as I prefer brown leather but I couldn't say no to the fury collar keeping my neck warm, especially on a day like today. Next stop will be wearing hats and scarves, and for me it's probably not too far away! Brr. I've had this Sports Luxe top a little while now, if you read my blog you'll probably be sick of the sight of it but I'm not & I absolutely love it. The tops cut is brilliantly fitted with loose sleeves and the waffle texture makes it super cosy! I absolutely love it! I'm trying to steer away from my usual skinny jeans so these Boyfriend cut ones made for a welcome change. I think the rips add to the casualness (if that's a word) of my outfit & take me back to my tomboy days (Oh those were the days). So maybe sandals weren't the best idea, my toes were absolutely freezing an hour into mooching around the Car Booty. I had a feeling this was going to be the case but I thought these Birkenstock lookelikeys looked way cooler with my outfit than anything else - Fashion over practicality today guys! Yes sir!

What do you guys think of todays' more casual look?

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.

Top - Primark £8.00
Jeans - New Look £25.00
Sandals - Primark £4.00
Jacket - Dorothy Perkins £45.00
Bag - Topshop £30.00
Necklace - Primark £4.00
Bracelets - Primark £2.00 for 5

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  1. Chic and edgy look, love your pants and necklace <3

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  2. Nice outfit, love your necklace! ^-^
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!


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