Friday, 15 August 2014

Outfit: Bitches

Hey folks, today I'm home alone so I'm doing a much needed catch up on blog posts, photo editing & emails. Dans' actually away in Leeds at the moment, he's down there for a few job interviews so the prospect of upping sticks and moving house is pretty likely - Scary, but exciting times are ahead! So watch this space.

Today I'm wearing two newies, a monochrome silk bomber from a recent shopping trip into Middlesbrough & this fabulously witty Sheinside Bitches white tee. I'm huge lover of black and white outfits & reading through other peoples blogs I'm not the only one -  It's much loved classic look. 
After receiving my Sheinside parcel I had a good route around my purchases and was a bit hmm about this Bitches tee, but after putting it together in an outfit I actually quite like it. It's not as cropped as I first thought, which was the main reason I was unsure about it. I love the Bitches slogan & funnily didn't get any disappointed looks from people in the street - Which is always a brucie bonus!
I feel very 90's with this Primark bomber, I didn't know how comfy it'd be especially with its elasticated sleeves and bottom but honestly I absolutely love it. In fact, I want another one! It's so comfy, the print is awesome & I love the silky smooth material. And really, any hint of the 90's is good with me!

Have you got any witty slogan tee's?

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.

Tee - Sheinside £6.60
Leggings - Topshop £10.00
Bomber - Primark £15.00
Pumps - New Look £7.99



  1. Ah i love this outfit! The top is amazing and so cheap :) I also have a very similar bomber to this i'm loving them atm, primark have some amazing ones! xxx

    1. Thank youuu! Yeah you can't beat Primark I think, it's completely brill for keeping up with current trends without breaking the bank! :-) X


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