Sunday, 10 August 2014

Beauty: Makeup Revolution Powder Blush

I read an Article earlier in the year which said the average womans' make up bag contains £220 worth of cosmetics, which to a makeup novice like myself makes absolutely no sense. To me £220 is a weeks holiday away or an expensive day trip down Oxford Street in London - You can tell I'm more into fashion than I am beauty can't you. The article mentioned Makeup Revolution, a fantastically affordable new beauty brand to be stocked in Superdrug. I'm all for finding a bargain and have been using Makeup Revolution products for a little while now, and it's two powder blushers I'll be reviewing for you today.

Left: Love 
Right: Now

These two colours caught my eye for two very different reasons: 'Love' is a really wearable almost bronzer type coloured blush for those days when less is more, and 'Now' is great for dewy summer looks or even nights out as it's a bit pinkier. Both of them I have to say I am extremely pleased with and with a £1 price tag I think they're both bloody marvelous! I love the pigmentation in these products, the colour in both of them is really strong & lasts all day too, so top marks for staying power! I hate it, especially in Summer, when makeup just seems to disappear from your face. These little pots of loveliness seem to last for ages too, I've been using them both for around a month now and as you can see I've barely make a mark in them. Hooray! The only downside I have to mention is the packaging, it does look a little cheap & maybe isn't of the best quality but when you're paying £1 for such a lovely blush, who bloody cares!

Have you tried any Makeup Revolution products?

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.


  1. One problem I have had with make-up Revolution is the packaging..but then yet again when you are paying ridiculously cheap amount for the product who bloody care (haha)..I really love their line quite affordable especially for people like me on a students budget...Have tried their dupes to the Naked pallets? Its very good..Lovely post
    Lope xoxo

    1. Exactly :-) I think when you're paying such a little amount for such a fabulous product you can't really complain too much can you. Ooooh yes I have, it's fab isn't it! So so impressed with it :-) I'll probably do a post at some point about the palette too :-) Thanks for stopping by Lope. X


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