Saturday, 30 August 2014

Beauty: MAC Prep & Prime*

An opportunity was made available to myself not so long ago that I really really couldn't refuse.... A free sample size of MAC's Prep & Prime Skin Base Visage. I (of course) immediately signed myself up for the promotion for a few reasons... 1. I love trying new beauty products. 2. I've actually been looking for a primer for a while now, I just didnt really know where to go. 3. With the Summer sun I was really interested to see how the primer would fare in the sweltering heat. 4. And finally - It was free*. Who doesn't love free stuff.

I've used primers here and there before but unfortunately have never really loved something enough to repurchase (maybe I'm fussy) - I'm pretty big on skincare and feel using my standard moisturisers usually acts as a strong enough base for my makeup, but sometimes I need that little bit extra to smooth my skin... MAC's Prep & Prime probably came at just the right time!

I was really surprised how little I needed to cover my full face, I only used two small pumps at a time so the product lasts a really long time. I was also super impressed with how quickly it changed my skin from being really dewy to being the perfect base for my makeup. My face was almost instantly oil-free and my blotches were reduced leaving me with a super silky smooth base. My makeup applied like a dream after using Prep & Prime and seemed to last so much longer, especially during Summer and having a bit warmer weather. Looking at the full size bottle, Prep & Prime does seem a little pricey however considering how much I'd use per day & how long the bottle would last I'd say it was a really good deal. 

I think I've finally found a primer that I like & even though I may not use it every day I'll definitely be repurchasing. I just adore the silky smooth feeling it gives my skin, and you know me, I'm big on skincare!

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.

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