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Hits & Misses: Teen Choice Awards 2014

I always look forward to Award ceremonies when they're on the telly, whether it be The Brits, The Oscars or in this case The Teen Choice Awards. I probably should be more interested in what the awards are actually for but truth be told it's the fashion which really captures my attention. With every ceremony there's those who get it right & others that get it so so wrong. We'll start with those who get it right...

Hit: Cat Deeley.
Firstly let me start by saying I hope I look this good at 37! Cat's style has been a favourite of mine for many years - She seems to get it right every time & the Teen Choice Awards is no exception. The neon orange dress is very on trend colour wise and looks fabulous with Cats' tan. The lilac embroided flowers around the waist & perfectly plunging neckline add a really feminine and delicate touch. Cats' footwear is about as simple as you can get, that's not a bad thing though, I couldn't imagine wearing anything else with such a bold coloured dress. 

Hit: Italia Ricci.
I love the idea of going away from a typical evening dress at award ceremonies like The Teen Choice Awards and this Lovers And Friends jumpsuit it just amazing! I think the cut of this jumpsuit is what really makes it! The neckline is so flattering, paired with the skinny trousers gives a fantastic shape. She looks fabulous right? I love the deep emerald green & think it looks very on trend with the gold heels and arm cuffs. 

Hit: Kylie Jenner.
A lot of crop tops were seen on the blue carpet at The Teen Choice Awards & Kylie Jenners' take on the trend ticked all the boxes for me! This Neil Barrat crop & Sass and Bride skirt make for a pretty simplistic look, but people generally say the simplest things are often the most beautiful! The skirt adds real interest to Kylies' outfit, the golden tones work perfectly with her skin colouring & the festival print keeps it looking age appropriate. The shoes are fabulous & I love how she's painted her toenails to match.. It's all in the finishing touches!

Hit: Taylor Swift.
I'll be completely honest and say never in a million years would I think I'd be raving about Swiftys' style. Her usual super short shorts & brogues unfortunately just don't do it for me. This ensemble however is amazing! I think I must really be into the colour green at the moment because this is what really caught my eye, that and those fantastic lemon yellow Charlotte Olympia heels! It's a perfect combination!!

And now for those who I thought didn't do so well...

Miss: Bella Thorne.
I really don't get what's going on here - I hate criticising but the shape of the dress is just all wrong for me. The print would have looked much nicer too if the flowers were a bit smaller and daintier, I think they look a bit 'in your face' here. I like the heels here but for me it's just too much blue! I'm really funny about wearing too much of the same colour, I like to mix things up a bit more. I've heard people raving about this outfit & obviously everyones' tastes are different but unfortunately this just doesn't work for me.

Miss: Jordin Sparks.
I'm normally a fan of Jordins fashion & think she's a really beautiful lady, but again this outfit just doesn't do it for me. Starting from the top, I think the bralet looks too small for her frame, this would have looked much nicer if it had little capped sleeves or even a crew neck perhaps. The trousers I'm a bit on the fence about, I can't decide whether I love or hate the print but whatever I think, there's just too much of it going on here. The material looks a bit too shiny too, it's just really not my thing. Sowwie!

Miss: Kendall Jenner.
Kendal should tick all the boxes with an all white everything outfit, but this jumpsuit to me is just utterly bizarre. The neckline & shape of the top seems a bit mismatched, I'm really not keen on the silhouette it gives her - How strange! And the mesh inserts to the sides of her trouser legs? Again I really don't know what's going on with these, the whole outfit's just a bit 'mehh' to me. Kendalls' make up here though is phenomenal, one thing I am a fan of!

Miss: Kim Kardashian.
After slagging off Kendalls outfit, here I am with an other 'Miss' from Kim K. She looks amazing considering she's just had a baby, but again this outfit just doesn't work for me. The top half looks a bit too stiff, I don't mind leather clothing but this looks like the most uncomfortable outfit ever! Almost as if she could have done with the next size up, (sorry KK) I can imagine her walking rather robotically down the blue carpet. The skirt I don't mind, but the shoes here are probably my biggest bug bearer. I really dont like shoes where the straps twist over your ankle, It makes Kims' ankles look really strange, as if they're twisting round too. Maybe that's me being weird though.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on my Hits & Misses. Did you agree or disagree with my picks?

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.



  1. Cat Deeley is my favourite, she looks so good for 37! x

    1. I know right! I hope i look like that when i get to 37 - So gorgeous! X

  2. I agree with all your choices! Kylie Jenner is my fave! xx


    1. Thanks Julie :-) I cant decide out of my 4, i love them all! Ha. X


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