Friday, 11 July 2014

Outfit: Primark Pastel Polkadot Shorts

So the inevitable has happened... I've officially got the post holiday blues!! It's only really sunk in this morning waking up in the flat & having the suitcase to sort out. Yesterday we were sunning it up on the beach in Cala Bona without a care in the world & today I'm sifting through dirty pants, wet towels & heaps of holiday souvenirs. It's not quite the same.

On holiday we completely cut ourselves off from the world, no phones, no tablets, no laptops, which was complete & utter bliss but now we're back I'll be uploading posts here and there so watch this space...

I wore this clash of prints on an evening out where we ate by the seafront & watched the sun go down. Thinking back now is making me super holiday sick (like home sick only the other way round) we had such a brilliant night, gorgeous food followed by amazing cocktails! What's not to love!
I'm wearing a lot of Primark in this outfit, pretty much everything comes from there apart from my sandals & jewellery. I love Primark as a really quick & affordable way to update my wardrobe. I used my monochrome kimono as a bit of a cover up because as I'm a typical Brit, I burnt on the first day!.. I think the clash of patterns with that and my polkadot shorts works really well, I like the look & think I'll definitely be more daring from now on when it comes to prints. 
On our way down to the restaurant i clocked another lady wearing the same shorts walking towards me, we both did that blokey thing of nodding to each other, subliminally giving each other the thumbs up! How funny!

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.

Vest - Primark £2.50

Kimono - Primark £10.00
Shorts - Primark £5.00
River Island £35.00
Floral Crown - New Look £3.99


  1. Hi Claire!
    The kimono looks so easy-breezy... and it's great for light-skinned girls! It's good that you can handle the fact someone can wear the same outfit - most of girls would freak out. Going to check out Primark!


    1. Yeah it's fab! I love this kimono :-) Haha yeah, it was so funny walking past her! :-) The complimentary nod! Ooo yes you definitely should, they've got some great things in there at the moment :-) X


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