Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Guest Post: Lope - Getting That Dream Closet.

Aloha everyone! Hi I'm Lope from Thoughts From My Bed, where I discuss thoughts, ramblings, fashion & beauty.

Have you ever felt your closet doesn't reflect your true style? Or that the clothes in your head are WAY better than your current wardrobe? These are the thoughts that run through my head when I open my wardrobe to pick out an outfit to wear. So I have finally decided to give my wardrobe a clean slate, and to do that there are certain steps I am taking to achieve my maximum and dream (well almost) closet. So I have decided to blog about it, so as to document it for myself and share with anyone that is interested. I am by no means a stylist or a fashionista, I am just a girl who wants to bring her imaginary closet to life...

1. First things first (I'm the realist lol) is to organise your closet & I don't mean arranging it, I mean taking everything out an organising it into sets. For example: I am going to be organising my present closet into three groups. Clothes I need to get rid of, clothes that are not my size but  want to fit into(especially if you want to loose weight) and clothes that are currently my size and that I like.

2. The next step is to define your style. Are you a punk rock gal? A ghetto chick kind, a sophisticated put-together beaut, a casual girl.. Whatever it may be, build your closet with that. Tip for defining your style is having a style icon - Who do you identify most with? Who's closet do you wish to have? It could be a friend, your mother of a celebrity - For me its Zendaya Coleman.

3. Next is to pick a colour pallet to work it to. Are you a black and white kind of person? Or a pastel kind of girl (or guy)? Whatever it may be let it reflect who you are, and of course your dream closet. Tip for when you are choosing your pallet is when you are imagining your dream outfits or dream closet, what collours do you mostly see? 

4. Then the next stage is to know your budget and how much money you are working with.  You don't want to bite off more than you can chew. Just because your style icon is wearing something doesn't mean you must get the exact same thing, especially if you can't afford it. There are similar and cheaper alternatives, a geat app for this is 'The Hunt'.

5. After you have done the previous step, the next stage to building your dream wardrobe is to have the basics. These basics are what you would build your dream closet around, these basics don't change and never go out of style. It's good to invest in these basics because even as you grow as a person and decide to change your style, these items would always be there. Examples of basics are the LBD (little black dress), a good ol pair of well fitted jeans, or a camisole (back & white) etc. 

6. The next step is to always get clothes that fit, and fit your body shape PROPERLY. Common excuses include 'It was a bargain' 'I would loose weight to fit in it' (Which most never do). When we don't get what fits our bodies properly. this clutters out wardrobes with things we would never wear. The key to getting out dream wardrobe is to have a minimal but fruitful closet.

7. The next step is when shopping for an outfit make sure every item can be mixed & matched in some way. I know there can be times when that tutu is to die for, but can you really go to work/school wearing it? Think before you buy!

These are the steps that I am going to be using over the next few weeks to build my dream closet. I am by no means a professional, but these are the steps I feel that I need to build my dream closet (well almost!) If you would like to see my progress in building my closet, I am over at 'Thoughts From My Bed' (my blog.)

Lope xoxo


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