Saturday, 28 June 2014

Outfit: More Issues Than Vogue

Slogan t-shirts have never really appealed to me untill I saw this 'More Issues Than Vogue' top on In The Style. I love the quote & was instantly drawn to the black & white print (obviously) however I thought the price tag was a little steep at £15.00.
I love a bargain & where better to find bargains than on Ebay! I found this 'lookelikey' on there for £5.00 - And with free delivery I couldn't resist!

Like with all new clothes I've had to wear this top straight away & seen as though I'm being boring and only lounging around at home, todays outfit is very casual. You'll be sick of these, but I'm wearing my black Miss Selfridge skinnies again, they're so comfy & literally go with everything! Sorry, but I love them. Ha. I've also dug out these old Topshop loafers, I've been wearing them for work quite a bit recently but I think they go just as well with more casual outfits like this. As it's been a little chilly today (I don't know why because it's the middle of bloody summer - argghh) I've been using this burgundy scarf as a bit of a cover up. There's no better feeling than cosying up under gorgeous fabrics. 

What slogan tops have you been wearing?

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.

Top - Ebay £4.99
Skinnies - Miss Selfridge £28.00
Shawl - Peacocks £8.00
Loafers - Topshop £40.00



  1. Lovely outfit I just love the quote on your tee!! :D and p.s you look so much younger than 23 ;) great style!! xxx

    1. Aw thanks jen. I'm actually 24 ha, I had a birthday last week & must have forgotten to change my profile. So thanks for reminding me. I'm forever getting IDed when we go out, then when I show my ID I always get 'aw well you'll be grateful when you're 40' Ha. Thanks for your link. Will have a look at your blog tomorrow hun. X

  2. I've seen this tee around so much, it's cute!

    Meg xo
    Meg Says | Health & Beauty

    1. Thanks Meg :-) Oooh I know, I couldn't resist jumping on the band wagon! X


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