Sunday, 29 June 2014

Outfit: Black & White By The Lake

Today wasn't really supposed to be a blogging day (hence these windswept & interesting pics)... This morning myself & my boyfriend did a bit of housey shopping & we finally got round to buying a memory foam mattress. We're both sooo excited for it to arrive. It's so sad! We're like kids at christmas. Ha. After trecking about in town and with it being such a nice day we decided to have a little walk around Hemlington Lake, we've never been before and for Middlesbrough (shouldn't say that) it's quite a pretty place, so I decided to use these pics on todays post.

I'm not sure if I've told you guys yet, but we're actually going on holiday next Saturday & this is an outfit I'll definitely be packing for evenings out. I'm loving kimonos at the moment, this is the very first one I bought & I absolutely love it. The monochrome print goes with absolutely everything but today I've matched it with my Topshop disco pants & a really heavy sequined cream vest top. Honestly you wouldn't believe how heavy this top is! Really pretty but it weighs a tonne. Channeling the holiday vibe I've also dug out my ASOS black jellies - I just keep thinking, this time next week I'll be wearing them on the beach & in the sea! Yaaay! :-)

I had to include the last picture, how cute are the fluffy baby swans. I'm not sure if I've actually seen baby swans before (I realise this sounds like a bit of a bizarre thing to say) but I couldn't resist a quick picture, they came hurtling at us too thinking we had bread for them. Sowwie baby swans!

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.

Kimono - Primark £10.00
Top - Miss Selfridge £35.00
Pants - Topshop £10.00
Jellies - ASOS £10.00
Bag - ASOS £25.00


  1. Lovely outfit, I love my jellies!

    1. Thanks hun :-) Me tooo. Bring back the 90's!! X

  2. I like the look you present here. Interesting.


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