Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Beauty: Simple Kind To Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser

I'm pretty sure you will have all heard me bang on about my beloved No.7 moisturising cream & how I would never stray from its fabulousness.... Untill now!
I've found a little beauty with Simple's Kind to Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser - And at a fraction of the price too!!

As I've been getting older (granted at 24 I'm not mega old, but still...) I've made a conscious effort to take better care of my skin, i moisturise first thing on a morning and as I'm going to bed on a night, not to mention making sure I take every scrap of makeup off before going peeps! You can never start looking after your skin too early i think. As my Dad says... It's all in the preparation... He's obviously referring to building & construction work though. Zzzz. Ha!

This moisturiser is amazing!! Lets just get that bit out the way with first... The moisturiser itself is pretty light, almost like a serum type formula and because of this it simply glides across my skin. It sinks in really quickly & leaves my skin feeling all silky smooth & hydrated. My skin isn't particularly bad, I do have a few small dry patches on my cheeks, but this moisturiser has totally wiped them out. It's like a wonder cream! I picked this up in Superdrug a few weeks ago when it was on offer at half price for £1.93 & will 100% be going back and repurchasing once I've finished the bottle. I'd be more than happy paying full price for it too - I love it that much!

Thank you for taking a look. Lots of love.


  1. I love Simple's products,there so gentle but really do work! I haven't tried this so I'll have to check it out :) great review! x

    1. Ooo you should! It's so cheap too :-) I'm so impressed with it. X

  2. Great review hun!x
    Jess x


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