Sunday, 4 May 2014

Lust List: New In - May Week One.

This week I've had a real shock moment - Checking my bank balance & finding I've spent an absolute fortune and have barely anything left in it. I'm normally really good at keeping a track on whats going on but I've had a few extravagant weekends away & my car insurance has come out - So now I've got to be on my best behavior
Food, petrol & bills are the only things I'm allowed to spend money on!... Lets see how long this lasts.
Due to my lack of funds I've put together a little 'lust list' probably never to buy, but still! If anyone wants to buy me these things then I won't be saying no... :-) 

1. Topshop - Orange Midi Skirt - £45.00
I'm a massive fan of midi & maxi skirts and this one's just perfect! It's vibrant tangerine colour is ideal for summer and the floaty material will look fab when walking - We all love a good swish right!

2. Select - Pastel Box Top - £8.99
Firstly, I cannot believe how cheap this is! Under a tenner - You literally can't go wrong. I love the boxy style to this top, with a pair of shorts maybe and some cute sandals would look lovely! This top comes in loads of different colours, If i had the money I'd definitely be buying more than one! 

3. ASOS - Retro Sundlasses - £10.00
I love a good pair of designer sunglasses, these ones however are gorgeous, and i definitely wouldn't be worried about breaking or loosing them, like i am with my Ray Bans. These are a similar shape to my Wayfarers & for a fraction of the price! Lovely.

4. Select - Pink Sweat Top - £10.00
It's still I feel in that inbetweeny stage with the weather, not spring, not quite summer & this top is perfect for those casual days when its just too warm to wear a coat!

5. River Island - Kimono - £40.00
I've been wanting a kimono for ages. And now I've got no money I've found one. How bloody typical is that! Firstly i love the colour! It's an on trend pastel lilac - And its fully embroided, only subtly so you can't properly tell till you're up close - But I like that!

6. River Island - Coral Sandals - £38.00
Okay so I've got three pairs of sandals that look pretty much identical to these. But these are coral! What an awesome colour. And I know these will be super comfy too!

7. Miss Selfridge - Yellow Crop - £8.00
The colour is the first thing that drew me to this top. I've never really worn this style top before because I'm not sure you have to be stick thin or not to pull it off. I like it though - And I'd give it a good bash!

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.



  1. Ooh i love that yellow crop!

    1. Lovely isn't it - Could be worn so many different ways :-) X

  2. Beautiful selection dear!

    1. Thanks :-) Following you hun - You've got a lovely blog. X


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