Monday, 14 April 2014

Tag: The Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

Hey folks, hope everyone's keeping okay & making the most of this lovely weather we've been having recently. Fingers crossed it lasts a little longer!

Last week the very lovely Vero at Veroniquee nominated me for the VIB award, which was absolutely lovely of her! I've been exceedingly busy recently and am finally getting round to doing this so apologies Vero, but better late than never as they say! :-)

This tags an easy one... All you have to do is...
* Thank & link the person who nominated you
* List the rules & display the award logo
* Share seven facts about yourself
* Nominate 10-15 other bloggers, commenting on their blogs to let them know they've been nominated.
So here goes with my seven facts. I've tried to make them as varied as possible just to make it a bit more interesting!

1. I'm a coffee snob!
Pretty much self explanatory really, I love good coffee! We always buy 'Carte Noir' at home - Honestly the best coffee I think I've ever had. Its not the cheapest and my boyfriend goes mad whenever it's his turn to buy the weekly shop! But it's bloody lovely! Next on my 'to buy list' is a coffee machine - taking my coffee obsession to the next level!

2. The honeymoon period!
I've been with my boyfriend for three years now and still very much feel like were in the 'honeymoon period' I can't imagine being out of it to be honest. We've just moved into our first flat together & I'm completely loving it.

3. The Great Outdoors
Even though I'm a complete girl, I still absolutely love the outdoors! When me and my sister were kids our parents used to have us hiking all over! Having the North Yorkshire Moors so close to my home is a complete luxury!

4. Power Ballads
Even though we're both in our twenties me and my sister still enjoy belting out a few power ballads, singing the likes of Celine Dion, Meatloaf & Bonnie Tyler. We've been annoying our parents with is since we were young & it never gets old! We'll probably still be doing it in our forties.

5. Harry Potter Geek
Again pretty self explanatory - I've grown up with Harry Potter & am very much into the books & films. Recently I visited The Harry Potter Studios in London which was just brill!

6. Hair Growth
I'm really  struggling with & getting very peed off at the moment with my hair - It's come to a complete standstill (or so it seems). My hairs just past shoulder length and seems to have given up on growing, so any hints or tips would be very much appreciated! I've stopped using heat on my hair & am using better shampoos & conditioners to try help so fingers crossed!

7. Reading
As a kid I hated reading but now as I've got older I've come to love it. I'm into all the girlie romance books, I'm currently reading 'The Boy Who Sneaks In My Bedroom Window' which is just fabulous! It's my second time reading it so that says it all I think.

Thank you for reading & here are my nominees...

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Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.



  1. Love this! Thanks for nominating me hun! Btw, I might have to steal the HP fact as I love him/it/them too! xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thank youu :-) You've got a lovely blog! Great pics. X

  3. I loved reading this! Don't worry about not doing it right away I totally understand :) I LOVE Harry Potter and reading in general and you and your bf are SO cute together! I'm so happy I got the opportunity to nominate you because you seem like such a beautiful person and I hope you keep in touch. I'll make sure to stop by whenever you have a new post. XoXo, Vero <3

    1. Hey :-) Thank again chick! Was fun doing it! Aw, what a lovely thing to say! Right back at you :-) Yeah will definitely keep in touch! I follow your blog so will keep up to date with your posts & whatnot :-) X

  4. Thank you so so much for nominating me!! :) you are so sweet!!

    1. No problem hun - You've got a smashing blog! Can't wait to read your responses :-) X

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Anika :-) in my opinion i write like i talk, so during school & studying it wasn't great ha, but blogging seems to work really well! :-) Thank youuu! X


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