Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Haul: Mini Liverpool Haul

Like my Super Girlie York Haul posted last month, I've been on another splurge, this one was just a mni one though - not too naughty, but I still got some absolute beauties!

I picked up these items whilst in Liverpool last weekend with my best mate Jen - We did a bit of a dafty thing though and booked to go down during the bank holiday weekend so only a few of the shops were actually open. Boo! It's something that neither of us thought of, safe to say though, we won't be making that mistake again! Ha.

Would love to hear your thoughts!...

* H&M - Black Quilted Shorts - £12.99
I loved these as soon as I saw them, they're absolutely perfect for holidays and channeling the sports luxe look. I'm loooking forward to being able to wear these with a simple logo tee, some sneaks & a leather look rucksack! So stylish, yet so simple!

* New Look - Jumpsuit - £35.00
I've been going mad for this super hot pink colour recently!.. My wardrobe is slowly starting to look like Barbies doll house - I don't mind that though. Ha. It's a gorgeous fit, showing a little bit of cleavage and a little bit of ankle - Ankles are sexy right? 

* Bank - Sandals - £18.99
I'm not really a great lover of Bank however just recently their concession brand 'Blonde & Blonde' has been really impressing me - In particular their footwear. This pair I came across a few months ago at the Teesside Park store but I chickened out of buying them as my car insurance was due at the time so money was pretty tight. Now its paid for though, I've not got a care in the world! And quite happily gave over my money!

* Local Store - Pashmina - £2.00
Okay... So I really can't remember what this store was called, it was only a little shop on the docks - But £2.00!! £2.00!! For this pashmina/scarf/whatever you want to call it. This was my bargain of the day! Could't believe how cheap this was - It's super soft & they had all sorts of different colours & patterns too. 

Like I said this is only a small haul - But a haul none the less & it's nice to treat yourself to a few new bits and pieces - Thats my excuse anyway!

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love. 



  1. I really like the shorts. You can create so many looks with them.


    1. Yeah definitely - Thats what I was thinking!! Just need to book a holiday now! X

  2. That Pashmina was such a bargain! I love how they can add lots of colour and interest for little money.I went shopping on Bank Holiday Monday & luckily a few shops were open! xx

    1. Yupp deffs :-) Ah see we went the sunday which was a bit of a pain in the butt! Still got some good deals though i think! X

  3. Wow, the shorts are amazing. So versatile! :-)



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