Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Haul: Boux Avenue Beauties

I've always lusted after Boux Avenue Undies!... But for whatever reason whenever I've been into their shops (which are laid out perfectly by the way - I do love a nicely presented shop!) I've never actually bought anything.
I saw recently on my twitter feed though that they were advertising 'buy the bra get the pants free' so i jumped at the opportunity.
I opted for the Tori lace moulded plunge bra & briefs, it comes in loads of different colours but with this being my first purchase I decided to play it safe and go for black.

As you can see when it arrived it came in this super cute, very well presented gift box. I love it when businesses do this, to me it just oozes luxury! Even from just opening the box everything was perfect - Pink patterned crepe paper encased my Boux Avenue undies along with a few (fake) rose petals.
I absolutely love the material of this set, it's super soft & very high quality - I've been disappointed with the quality of competitors but this one ticks all the boxes! I tend to go for balconettes but this plunge fits absolutely brilliantly. 
I'm immensely impressed by Boux Avenue & can't wait to put my next order in!

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.



  1. Oooh sounds like this is a winner- and the material sounds so soft and comfy! xx

    Beauty Soup | UK Beauty Blog

    1. Definitely is. I would recommend immensely - Don't know why i haven't bought from them sooner. X

  2. Ooh la la. Great review. I love it when companies package their products in such a luxurious manner.


    1. Thank you :-) Oh i know! I love things like this. It's the little things in life! :-) X

  3. Always wanted to buy from here, so many things i want!

    1. Aw you should! I don't know why I didnt do it sooner tbh. Really impressed with boux avenue. X


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