Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Outfit: Heaps of Jewellery!!

This week I'm home alone as my boyfriend is away doing some important work things - So this can only mean two things!... I'm going to my mum and dads for some home comforts & I'll be doing plenty of blogging. So here goes...

I've only attached a few photos today because for some odd reason my camera kept catching the red brick background all weirdly. The bricks almost looked a bit cartoony so here's the best of the bunch. Enjoy!...

So todays outfit could be considered a bit pirate-esque (I'm making up my own words here) with my black & white striped dress and heaps of jewellery. I love it though & it was extremely comfy - which is surely what fashion is all about.

I wore this black & white striped dress religiously last summer - It's made up of such a light & floaty material it's perfect for warmer weather so I'm sooo glad I can finally dig it back out my wardrobe!
I've piled on my accessories today, which isn't something I normally do, I normally forget in all honesty but today I thought I'd do something a bit different. 
Starting from the top I'm wearing a new floral head band from New Look - I love the festival type look & have seen some huge floral crowns recently on the high street, however I dont think i could quite pull them off so I've opted for something a little smaller - Something a little more in proportion with my head size (Tiny!)
Going down you've got my trusty gold & black ribbon necklace - If you follow my blog then you'll probably be sick of me featuring this necklace but I love it, it goes with pretty much everything!!
The triangle ring & bracelets I'm wearing are from Sister Vintage, I discovered this brand quite soon after starting my blog & honestly they're a godsend, they have so much choice and you can get so much for your money! They have some awesome bargains!

Hope you liked my swashbuckling outfit!

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.

Dress - Matalan
Cardi - Topshop
Headband - New Look
Belt - Topshop
Jewellery - Sister-Vintage
Sandals - New Look



  1. this is a gorgeous outfit! I can see why you wore that dress so many times last year, i would if i had it, and suited it! you look great in it! i love how you added a little flower crown as well :) Also thank you so much for following me! I really appreciate it :) Im following you as well, and can't wait for more posts :) x
    | Life as a Petite |

    1. Hey :-) Thank you! I absolutely love it - It's the perfect length too! Yeah likewise hun :-) X

  2. Love this outfit! So cute! :)


  3. Hello from a new follower! :) Loving this outfit; great dress and pretty jewellery. xxx
    The Jolly Fashionista

    1. Thank you :-) Aw brill - Will have a look at your blog now & give you a follow! X


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