Friday, 28 March 2014

Lust List: Toppers Top Ten

Bit of a tongue twister of a title, but currently I'm absolutely loving Topshop & here's my top ten picks that are new in this week! I'd love to hear what you think...

1. Dusty Pink Playsuit - £34.00
This dusty pink colour is the colour theme I imagine my wedding to be - surely all girls must think about this type of thing & not just me! Anywhooo... This playsuit is just the cutest! I love how casual this is, it looks super comfy & the little turn ups on the shorts are gorgeous!

2.Olivia Burton Midi Dial Tan Watch - £62.00
Watches make a great bit of arm candy & this one is no exception. The bigger the face the better & this tan watch will go with literally everything!

3. Kimono by Love - £40.00
Kimonos took Summer by storm last year & I'm predicting they'll to the same again this year! They're great for layering and transforming an outfit, I'd wear this with a lot of jewellery, channeling a boho type vibe.

4.Patch Pocket Joggers - £40.00
I love the sports luxe look so these joggers work brilliantly for me! Worn with a pair of barely there heels & satin bomber jacket perhaps? Or styling down on those 'oh so lazy' days :-) you can't go wrong!

5. Long Weave Coat by Boutique - £160.00
Okay, so a little pricey & I know I've got one just like it for a fraction of the price... But I still love this! This length of coat makes me feel super sophisticated & grown up, I cant get enough of trenches at the moment!

6. Chandelier Earrings - £12.50
Drop down earrings always make me feel really girlie & I love the tribalness (if that's a real world) of this pair.

7. Dune Tan Sandals - £59.00
Again probably a little pricey for what they are, but these look like they'd last forever. I don't know whether I'm into the whole chunky sandals thing that's going on at the moment, but these are a happy medium & I like them very much!

8. Daria Bag- £59.00
You absolutely can't go wrong with a tan satchel & this one is just perfect! The gold additions really make the bag, tan & gold colours are a match made in heaven, proven by this gorgeous bag!

9. Drape Top - £36.00
This is a very versataile & lovely top, either blinged up for a night out of a worn down with a pair of jeans & pumps for a casual occasion will look great! 

10.Satin Wrap Board Shorts - £38.00
I'd normally wear shorter shorts than these, but this pair is just too lovely to resist! The cut is very interesting & I like the tailored feel to them! 

I'd love to hear what you think of my top ten... Moneys pretty tight at the moment, I'd love to win the lottery & be able to afford every single one for these items, unfortunately that's not the case though - Boo! Of everything though I'd say the satin wrap board shorts are my favourite & will definitely be purchasing a pair!

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of Love.


  1. I love the play suit and drape top. They're very chic!

    1. Me too! I just need a lottery win to be able to afford them all! Fingers crossed :-) X

  2. Love the bag and earrings!

  3. i'm really lusting after the topshop playsuit, but you can't wear a bra with it that's the only thing putting me off.
    I love your selection of cloths

    Jorden x

    1. Gorgeous isn't it chick! What about the stick on bras? I swear by them! :-) X


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