Sunday, 16 February 2014

Outfit: By The Sea

Todays blog pictures come from Whitby, a little seaside town about an hour away from my home. I decided to venture out as today after seeing a hint of sunshine through the blinds this morning! I didn't want to miss out & I thought i'd better make the most of it. Whitby was gloriously bright and sunny, however being by the sea it was also ridiculously windy. I took close to 50 pictures today, but as you will see as you read on I've only included a select few... The discarded ones either picturing me with squinty eyes or hair blown absolutely all over the place... Not such a good look!

Todays' outfit of choice features my trusty Miss Selfridge dark blue denim jeans. I'm sure you'll see these pop up a lot more in future blogs. I love Miss Selfridge for skinny jeans, they fit perfectly, don't fade & they're super stretchy (which is always good!) I'm also wearing Topshop tan brogues. I've had these a couple of years now, I remember 'umming and arring' on wether to purchase these or not but I'm glad I did, they're super comfy & so easy to wear with various outfits.

Another Topshop cami top, this time I've opted for a lime green colour... I'd say this one is probably my favourite, i love the brightness of it! I've teamed it with my recently purchased Peacocks oxblood scarf & an old Topshop wine coloured cardigan bought in the sale last summer. I love these two colours together, just enough contrast for them to work perfectly. 

It didn't take long for me to wrap back up again with a khaki coloured Mac, purchased from H&M. I love H&M for little bargains like this. I paid £25.00 for this a few years back and it's lasted me superbly! I never use the buckle properly on the front, always just a simple knot tie in the middle does just the trick & accentuates the waist a bit better!

This bag is my baby! I tend to use bigger bags if I'm wearing more fitted clothes just because I think it looks better... No matter what size though I'll always find something to fill it with. Surely that's not just me though, i keep telling myself that it's a typical girl thing! This Michael Kors shopper was a real treat to myself, for no other reason than i thought i deserved it! :)

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.


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