Thursday, 27 February 2014

Jewellery: Sister-Vintage & Hearts

Since I started blogging I've come across loads of new clothing stores & jewellery brands that I might not necessarily have found before... I love the idea of buying from suppliers who make their own products or small businesses who put a lot of effort into promoting & making sure they succeed.

My '& Hearts' today is Sister-Vintage a business founded by three sisters specialising in affordable jewellery.

Firstly let me tell you how stupidly affordable their jewellery is!... I've bought twice now (one week after another - because I'm totally in love) and on each occasion I haven't yet spent over a fiver, even with a £1.90 delivery charge. It's madness. Here's my haul so far... 

1st Shop. Total spent -£4.40
Pink & gold collar clips - £1.00
Blue heart necklace - £0.50
Silver cross bracelet - £1.00
Delivery charge - £1.90

2nd Shop. Total spent - £4.90
Blue & gold collar clips - £1.00
Silver knot ring - £1.00
Tan anchor bracelet - £1.00
Delivery charge - £1.90

I'm sure like a lot of people would be, I was dubious to begin with of the quality of the jewellery, especially with it being so cheap. But i couldn't have been more wrong! The jewellery is of brilliant quality & you can tell the ladies behind Sister-Vintage take such pride in their business. The packaging it so super cute and both my orders have always been processed so quickly & efficiently. 

Not to mention they're totally lovely! When posting pictures on twitter & instagram they always reply and are always so complementary.

Their stock ranges change quickly & Sister-Vintage are always adding new items to their website... Good job it's payday tomorrow huh?

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.


  1. these pieces are amazing and even more amazing that it's a personally run business. totally understand self-employed businesses like this with my mum having one and how much effort and time it takes and so I appreciate businesses like that even more. thanks for sharing this, definitely checking them out :) <3

    1. Hey :-) I know!... It's great, you can tell the girls take so much pride in what they do. Yes! Do... They have loads of lovely items!
      PS. You've got a great blog! Lovely pics :-)

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  3. Clairey you little should check out this website for local, handmade clothes and bits and bobs

  4. Love the necklaces. I wish you posted some photos by wearing match tops to see them how suit.

    Come and see my Blog :)

    1. Thank you :-) Yeah definitely - Didn't think about that at the time! Will deffs bear it in mind though for future!! X


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