Monday, 24 February 2014

Beauty: Real Techniques

Writing my last blog 'Day by day' make me really think about my make up routine... Make up isn't something I'd say I was in to, it's more of something I just do... I'm much more of a fashion & clothing type of girl. 

I don't actually own any 'proper' make up brushes so after careful consideration I finally bit the bullet and popped down to my local Boots store to pick some up. 
After asking my friend Catherine (my make up oracle) I decided on 'Real Techniques' from Sam & Nic Chapman. I did some internet research & found their website really helpful, they've got loads of videos giving you little hint & tips on how to apply your makeup.. (take a look here)

With it being Boots as well I obviously took advantage of the 3 for 2 offer (and I paid with my points too so they were practically free!!). I had a pretty good day that day!!

1. Miracle Complexion Brush.
I'm used to using a tiny sponge wedge to apply my concealer so swapping to this egg shaped multi-functional version from 'Real Techniques' made a huge difference!! There are three sides to this egg (weird i know) all of which do different jobs. There's a pointy end to the sponge which is really useful for applying concealer to any blemishes or marks on the face. Secondly the rounded sides are great for blending, and then the flat edge contours the rest of the face. This leaves a fantastic base to then start applying foundation.

2. Angled Foundation Brush.
This brush is ridiculously easy to use! It's basically like painting your face, it leaves my face feeling so airbrushed & the coverage it leaves is perfect. It's a fantastic tool and probably my favourite of the three newies I've bought! It's just fantastic.

3. Blush Brush.
This is the softest brush I think I have ever felt!! Honestly it feels so luxurious it's brilliant. The tips of this this brush are white as well like the vast majority of the 'Real Techniques' brushes, this is handy for being able to tell how much blush or bronzer you are applying.

I've used these brushes twice now, once as an experiment and then again so i could picture & blog everything... And to be honest I've totally fallen in love with them. I really have no idea why I didn't buy them sooner! They're just brilliant & well worth the money!

Here's my step by step pics using my new brushes... Please ignore my no make up face & stupidly girlie pink PJ's..

Again I reiterate I really have no idea why I didn't buy these brushes sooner & I can't wait to add to my collection!

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.



  1. I absolutely adore RT brushes and the next one I'm planning to get is the retractable bronzer brush - and it looks cute too :o). Xx

    1. Me too! I was looking at that one too, I'm going to get some more in the next couple of weeks I think... Make the most of the Boots 3 for 2 offer again :-) X


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