Monday, 29 December 2014

My Plan For 2015

I hope everyone had an absolutely fantastic Christmas, and you've all been making the most of the sales! I've been a bit naughty and bought myself a few bits and pieces - All of which I've needed ofc!
I'm not sure if you'll have noticed (thank you if you have) but I've been away from my blog for around a week or so now. It seems so strange after taking part in Blogmas and having complete bloggers brain (because that's a thing) for the past four weeks. Granted I didn't end up getting my last two posts up in time but after blogging ever day for 23 days and then having a week off it seems pretty bizarre... Complete bliss but bizarre none the less. 
I've been pretty poorly over the festive season & felt super duper run down so taking a break was damn right needed I'm afraid. In that time not only have I chilled out to the max, eaten a years worth of food and drink, but I've also set myself up a pretty exciting plan of action...

I'm taking my life in a bit of a different direction & have decided to try something completely new. After seven years away I'm going to go back to college and will be taking part in Jewellery making course - Since working at HSamuels my love & appreciation for jewellery has grown immensely. I've always studied design based courses and am a very arty farty person so I think this is going to suit me perfectly. I've always known I wanted to run my own business, the idea of being my own boss is something I've always strived for, so the end result of completing this course is something that's really really exciting.
It's going to be a long way off yet but I'm in the process of putting a brand together for my jewellery - It's a very exciting time for me & I've got so much work to do, regrettably xclaireabella may take a bit of a back seat for a wee while (I'm still planning on posting twice a week) but I'll deffinitely be keeping you all updated! All I know is when I've got my business up and running I'll be remembering all you lovely bloggers when it comes to getting my products out there!

Thank you for sticking by me & making my first (almost) year of blogging the most fun I could have ever imagined. Lots of love.


Monday, 22 December 2014

Blogmas Day 22 - Outfit: Monochrome Duster & Cigarettes

I feel like I haven't uploaded an outfit post for sooo long! I've been a bit all over the place recently and barely found half an hour to myself, I even slept in for work yesterday, which I never ever do! I hate lateness!... Anywho moving on... Today I'm bringing you a very monochrome, very slouchy outfit.

I bought these cigarette trousers such a long time ago, but they're one of those items of clothing that unfortunately I tend to forget about. After a recent clear out I rediscovered these and todays outfit pretty much flashed in front of my eyes. I new exactly what I wanted to wear with them! Don't you just love it when that happens!
Underneath my dark grey knit I'm wearing a simplistic vest top - I love the pairing of these two together because they're so comfortable and cosy - Perfect for this time of year. And as I've been doing so often recently, I've chucked my black duster over the top of todays outfit. I absolutely love the look of a mid length coat with tailored trousers, I think it's super stylish and very VB! My heeled chelsea boots are also making an appearance tying everything in together & showing just that little bit of ankle.
As a whole I absolutely love this look & fully believe the best outfits are often the simplest! I'm also enjoying going back to my roots and wearing a fully monochrome outfit, I feel like I haven't done this in such a long time so it's nice to get back to what I know. 

Not long till the big day now! How are you going to be celebrating this year?

Thanks for taking a look guys. Lots of love.

Cigarettes - Warehouse
Vest - Primark (£1.50)
Sweater - Primark (£4.00)
Duster - Boohoo (£25.00)
Boots - New Look (£25.00)

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Blogmas Day 21 - Beauty: Lush Northern Lights*

Sowwie if it feels like I've been bombarding you Lush products, but I well and truly made the most of the recent blogger event there. You know how it is... Things just kept falling into my basket. I was lucky enough however, to be gifted with even more products & part of my goodie bag included this Northern Lights bath bomb.

Northern Lights is pretty new to Lushs' extensive product list, not another bath bomb you might be asking - But boy this is a pretty one! I think looks wise this has to be my favourite bath bomb of them all, it's completely stunning! 
The bath bomb foams as soon as it hits the water with an explosion of lilacs and pastel blue colours which is absolutely beautiful, but it's as the colours mix together that's when it really comes alive. They seem to spread like no other bath bomb I've seen! So so pretty! There's a separate section in the inside of the bath bomb that bursts a little while after, because one outbreak isn't enough this one has two! A separate explosion of yellow signals the end of the Northern Lights and leaves your bath looking completely luxurious & totally inviting.
Northern Lights is a super floral bomb made up predominantly of Jasmine & ylang ylang - As you'll all know from my previous posts, this isn't my favourite scent, but it's one that always seems to go down well with other people. I think I'm pretty much on my own when it comes to the jasmine scent - It just doesn't do it for me.
As with all Lush bath bombs, this one leaves your skin feeling so luxurious and moisturised it's fantastic - Strangely enough as well it made me look much more tanned, obviously this wasn't the case but because my skin was so smooth and shiny it gave the illusion of having a darker complexion, which is always a winner in these winter months. 
Although I was lucky enough to be given this item for free it only costs £3.50 and even though scent wise this isn't my favourite, I would't think twice about repurchasing this item. I think it's a fantastic novelty item that will work brilliantly on pamper nights and when you're needing a little pick me up.

Have you tried Northern Lights before? What's your favourite Lush bath bomb?

Thanks for popping by. Lots of love.


Saturday, 20 December 2014

Blogmas Day 20 - Weekend Wisdom: What I'm Thankful For This Christmas

As good old Cliff  Richard said Christmas is 'a time for forgiving, a time for forgetting', 'love and laughter and joy ever after' and 'a time for rejoicing in all that we see' - He's clearly a wise man is out Cliff! This got me in a bit of a reflective mood, thinking of all the things I'm thankful for this Christmas time.

Family: I know everyone says they've got the best family, but I really do, I love the dynamic between us all, how supportive & how encouraging we all are to each other. The older I'm getting the more thankful I feel I am towards my family.
Good health: If there's something I've learnt over the last few years it's to look after your body & it'll look after you in return! As long as everyone's healthy we'll all be happy, that's all that matters right?

My wonderful boyfriend: I feel so lucky that our paths coincidentally passed, I really don't know what I'd do without him! I love our relationship & what we have together. Future wise, we're both on the same wave length too which is just the coolest thing.
Money worries: It's difficult especially around this time of year, the amount of homeless in Leeds city centre doesn't bear thinking about. I'm not the richest cat around town (not by far) but I earn enough to pay the bills & that's what matters - Anything else is a treat! I think we often take for granted all we have.

Having a close knit friendship group: My friends have been my friends since school, we've all grown up with each other & seeing each other grow into adults has been fab! We've had some right good laughs, usually at our own expense but still - That's the best type of humour right?
Having a mass of oportunities: We live in an awesome go-getting, equality for men & women age which again I think we can sometimes take for granted. I wont go too much into it but as women we've come so far over the last hundred years or so & I fully have the mindset of taking every opportunity given.

Soooo xclaireabella got (kinda) deep!... However this is a perfect time for doing so, with the end of the year brings new beginnings, and with new beginnings means building from past experiences.

Thank you so much for reading. Lots of love.



Blogmas Day 19 - Beauty: Barry M Festive Nails

Just a quick one today guys... I've had a jam packed couple of days, today Dan and I got back from Manchetser this afternoon, which was absolutely amazing! If you follow me on instagram you'll have seen all my festive pics. I'm also travelling back up home tonight for a night out with my old work friends so this is a super duper in between traveling post... And today I'm going in with even more festiveness, sparkles & glitter with this fab new nail polish from Barry M.

This is actually part of their Aquarium range (which seems a little strange but I thought the colour was very fitting for Christmas) and is called Mermaid... Nail polishes always seem to have the cutest names don't they. I love it!
Mermaid can be either used singularly or as a top coat over another colour - Today though I've decided to use Mermaid on it's own, to optimise the amount of sea green sparkles! What you can find with sparkly polishes sometimes, is that the sparkles don't disperse evenly but with this it was really easy to apply. It's not the quickest at drying, but I think that can be forgiven as it gives you enough time to push the glitter around for best coverage. It's a beautiful colour and I think it makes a nice change steering away from festive red and gold - I'm totally smitten with it. The only thing you need to remember with this is to add a clear top coat to smooth out any of the glitters rough edges.

I don't know about you but adding a bit of glitter to my nails has really gotten me into the festive spirit... It's the little things in life isn't it!

Thank you for stopping by. Lots of love.

Mermaid - Barry M (£3.99)

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Blogmas Day 18 - Beauty: Lush Percup Massage Bar*

Last week I raved about the From Dusk 'Til Dawn massage bar from Lush - I'd not tried the massage bars before and feel I've been completely converted especially with having such a citrus based bar to start with. 
Lush gifted me with this Percup, coffee based massage bar which if I'm honest I didn't have that high expectations of - I love drinking coffee and I'm a self confessed coffee snob, but when it comes to lathering it onto my body it's probably one of my least favourite scents. However because I'd fallen completely head over heels with From Dusk 'Til Dawn I had that glimmer of hope that this one was going to win me over.

Percup is highly caffeine fueled - This is the type of massage bar that really revitalise and wake you up! The coffee goodness boots circulation, added with the super nourishing shea & cocoa butters make for a very luxurious massage experience.
The texture is absolutely gorgeous, really creamy and not in the slightest bit greasy (like a few other massage bars I've tried are). My only gripe is with the shape of this massage bar - It's quite difficult to manoeuvre it over my skin because it's flat and there's nothing to grab hold of. Other than that though this massage bar has really won me over.
What I'm surprised at is how uncoffee like this massage bar actually smells - Like I said I'm a huge coffee lover and was looking forward to giving it a good whiff & seeing how it faired on the caffeine scale - It's extremely mild, but for me it actually works really well, the subtle hint of coffee works brilliantly - It lingers for ages too so it keeps me feeling super luxurious all day.
I was gifted with Percup after attending the Lush White Rose VIP Opening Party which I'm extremely grateful for. It retails in at £6.50 and I wouldn't hesitate repurchasing it - It's a fab little bit of kit, & what I absolutely adore is how subtle the coffee scent is & it's superb staying power!

For something that I wasn't all that keen on trying Lush have really turned it around with this little beauty! Have you used Percup before or any other massage bars? What's our favourite?

Thank you so much for reading. I absolutly love your support. Lots of love.

Percup - Lush (£6.50)*


Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Blogmas Day 17 - Wish List: Festive Party Outfits

There's a huge pressure when it comes to the festive season, to pick that perfect party outfit, whether it be for the works office party or dinner with friends.
Before the buzz of the actual night out there's always that conversation that goes a little like...'what are you wearing'... 'oooo i dunno, what are you wearing'... 'i don't know either' Zzzz! So today I've picked three complete different styled outfits from three of my favourite stores.

I love the softness of this look & how femenine everything looks together - The idea of a pleated midi skirt is dreamy enough, but packing it full of sequins is just amazing! I love this piece & it's probably my fave item from this look... Or maybe it's the shoes, or faux fur clutch. I just can't decide!

1. Metallic knit crop (£60.00)
2. Faux fur heels (£58.00)
3. Sequin pleated midi skirt (£75.00)
4. Faux fur clutch (£32.00)
5. Gold curved bar ring (£7.50)
6. Gold torque collar (£16.50)

River Island
For my inner rock chick! I don't actually own a co-ord (oh my goodness) but this set from Rivers, Chelsea Girl range is brilliant. I love the whole rough an tough look for during the day so why not continue it for nights out! This is a but more casual so maybe would work better as a day to night look. 

1. Bow crop top (£18.00)
2. Heeled chelsea boot (£75.00)
3. Black mini satchel (£20.00)
4. Bow mini skirt (£16.00)
5. Gold pendent (£12.00)
6. Leather look fitted jacket (£50.00)

New Look
No Christmas look would be complete without sequins, and lots of them! Don't let people say I don't do things by half! Christmas is the only time you could get away with wearing this much glitter. I love the burgundy colour from this look, it's so warm and festive! Absolutely delicious!

1. Burgundy sequin dress (£34.99)
2. Silver glitter box clutch (£15.99)
3. Hollographic heels (£19.99)
4. Silver flower bracelet (£7.99)
5. Silver crystal watch (£34,99)
6. Burgundy frill socks (£2.99)

As you can see, three completely different looks, Which one is your favourite? I just can't decide - If only I had more money to buy all these amazing items! Hmm.

Thanks so much for reading. Lots of love.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Blogmas Day 16 - Outfit: Casual Wrap Up

Hey guys, hope we're all doing okay! Not long now till Christmas! Eeeeep! I'm getting excited now - What I'm really excited for (and this is going to sound really sad) is a day off!! It feels like It's been all work and no play recently & my body clocks really feeling it! Dan & I are off to Manchester in a couple of days though as part of our 'Christmas treat' so it'll be lovely to have a chill, spend a bit of quality time together & forget about boring day to day life.
Today's outfit is a casual one, in fact it's a quick pop to the shops look - I've chucked on my comfy casual clothes & wrapped up super warm to tackle this arctic weather we've been having. Brr!

I've been absolutely loving this black duster coat, I only bought it recently as part of the Black Friday deals, but I've had so much wear out of it already! I didn't actually own a black coat so this has made a real impact on my wardrobe - It's really warm too, considering how inexpensive it was. Also making another appearance (sowwie) is this amazing Zara scarf - I actually don't think i'll but scarves from anywhere else now, I've totally fallen head over heels with how cosy and soft this one is! I'm a huge fan of these head band style hats, just enough fluff to keep my ears warm and they allow you to have whatever hair style you desire such as todays '6am wake up just shot it on top of your head' look. Woohoo!
Underneath my winter warmies I'm wearing my fave Miss Selfridge skinnies, I love the fit of MS jeans - I think they're really comfortable & super duper flattering. I've also opted for this tiger print silk sweater to add a contrasting texture & add a bit more interest to my outfit.

How have you been layering this festive season? Have you got yourself a Zara scarf - Do you love it as much as I do, I honestly can't recommend enough!

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.

Coat - Boohoo (£25.00)
Sweater - Fawn (£27.99)
Jeans - Miss Selfridge (£36.00)
Shoes - Primark (£6.00)
Scarf - Zara (£19.99)
Head Band - Primark (£3.00)

Monday, 15 December 2014

Blogmas Day 15 - Beauty: Lush So White Showergel*

I was lucky enough recently to be invited to the Lush White Rose VIP Opening Party a couple of weeks ago, and part of my Christmas themed goodie bag was this 100g bottle of So White Showergel.

Like with all Lush's ethical goods, none of the ingredients in So White have been tested on animals, and they're all completely vegan which is fab! This shower gel is full of apple & rose goodness, which gives a gentle and very clean (if that makes sense) scent. I wouldn't say it was my favourite scent, but I can see how it would be appealing to others - I've heard lots of ladies raving about this scent.
The consistency is very liquidy, it's probably one of the most watery shower gels I've used if honest - That's not a bad thing though, it just feels a bit strange! So White still lathers brilliantly & cleans super duper efficiently.The gel also contains a slight shimmer which is perfect for adding that extra bit of luxury & pick me up on these cold cold days!
While at the event I tried the First Snow dusting powder which to me has a really similar scent to this, so if you like First Snow you'll love So White.

I didn't have to pay for So White as I received it in a goodie bag - It retails in at £4.50 for a 100g bottle and even though I'm so glad I've had the opportunity to try it, I much prefer some of the other Lush scents & would rather spend my pennies on another.

Have you tried So White before? Do you have the same opinions as me?

Thanks for reading. Lots of love.

So White 100g - Lush (£4.50)*

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Blogmas Day 14 - Beauty: That Soap & Glory Gift Set

I don't like to miss out on a bargain (or anything if I'm honest) so when I heard that THAT Soap & Glory gift set was making its yearly appearance I had to jump at the chance - I've not got the money to spend... But that's never stopped me before.
Soap & Glory is a completely legendary brand & there's always such a huuuge buzz about this piece of kit at Christmas time because of it's equally legendary price! This years goodie bag retails in at £60.00 however because of the special offer, the price has been slashed to £29.00!! Woohoo!
This years installment is named 'The Next Best Thing' and has been ingeniously designed by Hattie Stewart - A fabulous London based print designer & self titled professional doodler, who's done an absolutely awesome job with this years packaging.

The goodie bag this year includes 10 (although I got 11 - but we'll get into that later) full size Soap & Glory beauties. I've tried the vast majority of these products but there's also a few that I haven't so I'm super looking forward to trying them out - I'm sure I won't be disappointed.

* The Righteous Butter - For me this has got to be one of my all time faves! It's probably the thickest moisturiser I've used, it's so sumptuous and sinks into your skin so nicely!
* Hand Dream - This one's completely new to me, I'm a huge fan of Hand Food and I'm anticipating this to be just as good. Hand Dream boasts anti-ageing qualities, which at 24 I may not take full benefit of but still, I'm sure i'll love it!
* Orangeasm - I've raved and raved about this product so much! I love anything that contains citrus & zingy scents so this is an absolute winner in my books!
* Butter Yourself - Another moisturiser & another beauty! This is much lighter than The Righteous Butter but it works just as well. Again I find this very citrus based, the scent of which lingers for so long - It's amazing!
* Heel Genious - I've used this before, but it's one of those products I use a couple of times and then it makes its way to the back of my skincare shelf. I don't know why, because it's actually pretty good - Maybe I'm just neglectant of my tootsies & should pay them a bit more attention.
* Sugar Crush - For me, this product is a little bit oily and not my go to exfoliator - I'll be giving it another try though to see if it's warmed on me. It smells divine though!
* Whipped Clean - Another Soap & Glory I've not tried before - The idea of a shower butter really appeals to me though, I think it's going to be much thicker & much more nourishing that your average joe shower gel.
* Sexy Mother Pucker Charm Offensive - I've used the original many a time and absolutely loved it so I'm super duper looking forward to trying this lovely mauve/nudey colour.
* Thick & Fast - A firm fave in my make up drawer, I've not met a mascara yet that thickens your lashes like this does, its so good for nights out when you want to add that extra wow factor!
* Off Your Face - I'm not big on make up wipes, I much prefer using Micellar water but I actually received two packs of these in my goodie bag so I'll make sure I put them to good use!

Have you guys managed to get your hands on this box of goodies? Whats your fave Soap & Glory product?

Thanks so much for popping by. Lots of love.

The Next Best Thing - Soap & Glory (£29.00)

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Blogmas Day 13 - Weekend Wisdom: Working In Retail At Christmas Time

For me, working in retail, Christmas seemed to have started about a month and a half ago... Kitting the shop out full of Christmas decorations in the middle of October was certainly a bizzare & unnatural feeling. The festive season seems to be starting earlier and earlier each year - Who knows... Next year we might be seeing the advent calenders & Christmas decorations on the shelves in the middle of Summer. 

There's things about working in retail at Christmas time that really effs me off...

* Fearing for your life, opening the shutters to a queue of avid shoppers waiting to rip you to pieces.
* Being so busy at work you have a queue of 10 customers waiting to be seen too, inevitably when you get to the tenth person, they're calling you all the names under the sun. Be prepared for that.
* A serious lack of social life - Meals out now mean a quick dash to the corner shop for a £3.00 meal deal because your dinner break is just long enough time to eat it.
* Having a working day starting from 6:30am and ending at 10:30pm does some serious damage to your body clock.
* Because of such shifts you'll miss 90% of your friends festive nights out. Sometimes you gotta compromise those extra tequilas for a few hours kip before a 10 hour shift.

Because it's been Christmas for me, for such a long time it's easy for the novelty to wear off, so now it's getting a bit closer to the big day (12 more sleeps- woohoo) I'm fully getting back into the Christmas spirit! How I'm planning on getting back into the Festive Spirit...

* Having a day off where you do absolutely nothing - That's right, you need to treat yourself & let your body relax, Christmas pyjamas are a necesity & they must be worn all day!
* Watching your favourite Christmas films tucked up in bed with a Terrys' Chocolate Orange. My faves are Elf, Love Actually and The Grinch - I could quite hapily watch all three in one sitting. 
* Making regular trips to Costa/Satrbucks/Nero & making the most of their specialty Christmas Coffees, they're a little more sickly sweet, but that's half the fun of the Festive Season.
*Christmas candles - Need I say more? Having that delicious Christmassy cinnamon smell running through your house is so gorgeous, I have a candle for every room pretty much.

Do you work in retail? Have you got the same thoughts/issues as me? I'd love to hear any funny pointers you have to add.

Thanks so much for reading. Lots of love.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Blogmas Day 12 - Beauty: Lush Massage Bar From Dusk 'Til Dawn

I've tried a quite a few Lush products in my time (gah that makes me sound old) but something I've overlooked are the massage bars. I had the opportunity to try a few out at the recent Lush White Rose VIP Opening Party & honestly my mind was made up in about three seconds! I fell n love pretty much straight away! 
Lush have around a dozen massage bars to tempt you, but because I love anything citrus and sickly sweet I opted for the From Dusk 'Til Dawn - A little dome shaped piece of wonder!

A massage is often seen as a luxury spa treatment, something you go for once in a blue moon - But with this product that's a thing of the past! With the massage bars, you simply glide them over the skin, massage in & wait for all the sensual and stimulating oils to work their magic.
From Dusk 'Til Dawn has a pretty oily consistency & is made up from Ginseng, Guarana seed powder & a whole host of therapeutic ingredients - All of which are vegan and not been tested on animals (Hallelujah!) Because of the dome shape From Dusk 'Til Dawn is really easy to handle & apply. Once applied it appears quite oily, however it sinks into the skin almost instantly which feels amazing but also eradicates any stickiness or greasy feelings. In fact it feels really creamy, leaves you feeling completely relaxed & gives your skin the loveliest sheen and scent - Now the scent is super duper citrussy, it's absolutely divine & seems to last on your skin for hours which is great. The massage bar contains a slight shimmer, as if using this product isn't glamorous enough they go and add some glitter! What's not to love?
From Dusk 'Til Dawn comes in at £4.95 which I think is so reasonable seen as though it's going to last for absolutely ages. I've used this quite a bit now & it doesn't seem to have made a dent into the product.

I also have the Percup massage bar, which is highly coffee based & completely different to what I would normally go for, so lets see how I get on with that. Have you tried any of the Lush massage bars before - Which one's your favourite?

Thanks for reading. Lots of love.

From Dusk 'Til Dawn - Lush (£4.95)

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Blogmas Day 11 - Outfit: The Belted Scarf

I'm sure I'm not the only one out there who's seen something in store, decided against it & almost instantly regretted it. Well that was me browsing the shelves of my local Zara - I've been after a tartan scarf for a while now (which doesn't actually sound like a difficult task) and after seeing this one, I fell in love with how soft it was, but with Christmas coming up the price tag didn't really suit my budget.

... However as you can see I clearly went back for it! 

The Zara scarves are honestly the softest I've ever felt! They're perfect for getting all wrapped up & snuggly in, this time of year. They're absolutely huge as well, super duper oversized, in fact they could probably double up as a pic-nic blanket for the summertime.
Because the scarf has such a bold print & seems to cover 90% of my body, the rest of my outfit is pretty basic - I've opted for my bargain H&M black skinny jeans, black turtle neck & my new thigh high boots. I'm absolutely loving these boots at the moment, they're probably one of my favourite purchases of the year, along with a cream Trench coat I bought in Spring.

Do you own any of the Zara scarves? Are you as equally as impressed as I?

Thanks so much for reading. Lots of love.

Scarf - Zara (£19.99)
Jeans - H&M (£7.99)
Top - Marks & Spencers (£15.00)
Boots - Next (£60.00)
Belt - New Look (From Jumpsuit)

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Blogmas Day 10 - Beauty: Festive Falsies

I'm the first to admit that I'm pretty boring when it comes to nails, I'm big on moisturising my hands & cuticles but when it comes to that extra bit of decoration I'm totally pants. So with it being the festive season I've decided to try something different, get out of my boring nails rut & emrace a bit of festive cheese.

Primark have loads of different Christmassy designs to choose from, they had cutesy snowmen, little festive santas and ruby red reindeers. However I opted for these cobalt blue sparkly snowflake designed ones because I think they'd look perfect with my new Christmas jumper.

How cute are these! Now first things first... I don't know if I've got these on upside down or not, I told you I was a nails novice didn't I. I originally put them on this way round because I thought the sparkly snow section replicated the white tips from a french manicure however now they're on I don't know wether I should have put them the other way round. Answers on a postcard please. Hmmm! What a dilema!
The pack boasts 24 (12 different sizes) stick on nails, which I think is absolutely fab, as there's always that worry with false nails that you're never going to find ones that fit properely. I've got really child like & skinny fingers so I opted for the smaller sizes which fit me perfectly however if you've got bigger hands these would suit just as well, they're just that versataille! 
The glue supplied is really easy to use & dries almost instantly, so you've got to be quick at applying these falsies but as long as you measure up beforehand you'll be spot on! 
In total my nails stayed in tact for about two and a half days, which doesn't seem that long at all, but when you consider the £1.00 price tag, I think it's really good. In these two and a half days I've been going about my daily business as normal, so dealing with jewellery clasps at work, shampooing my hair, washing the dishes - You know, the real exciting stuff! So my hands have been in continuous use. Considering this I think they've lasted pretty well!
These are going to be absolutely fab for upcoming Christmas parties & I think they're a complete steal at £1.00!

Have you tried these nails before? How do you think the £1.00 price tag reflects the quality of these festive nails.

Thanks so much for reading. Lots of love.

Festive Falsies - Primark (£1.00)

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Blogmas Day 9 - Outfit: Black Duster & Thigh High Boots

So lots of newie newness on todays blog post guys! I took a trip into Leeds recently with the mission to find some new 'staple' clothes - I own so many clothes (like a ridiculous amount) but when it comes to styling, I don't actually own that many transitional pieces, pieces I can wear with seven or eight different things. So that was my mission & all in all, I think I did pretty well.

I made the most of the Black Friday buzz (where did that come from btw) by picking up this black duster coat from Boohoo - I don't really do a great deal of internet shopping, I love the 'real life' retail experience too much... Having a day to yourself casually strolling round the shops, not forgetting to stop off for a couple of Costa breaks along the way. But when I saw this little beauty on offer for £25.00 I couldn't resist & surprisingly it's really really good quality. I'm going to get so much wear out of it.
Flat thigh high boots are something I've been after for a while! I always struggle though with having really skinny, bird like legs that I can never find boots to fit. My dad always said to me 'last time I saw legs like that they were hanging out of a bids nest'... Thanks dad! But these are ace! They fit like an absolute dream - They're so so comfy & I find because they're flat they're really flattering.
I'm also wearing a whole host of other dark grey & black clothing - I love this muted look, I think it's very VB & super duper stylish. I've picked up a few bits from Primark recently including the jumper & dropped hem dress - Both bargains of course.

What do you think of todays look? I think I've done really well with picking up some transitional pieces & some bargains - Okay maybe not the boots. But still! 
Do you also prefer the 'real life' shopping experience over internet shopping?

Thanks so much for reading. Lots of love.

Duster - Boohoo (£25.00)

Dress - Primark (£3.00)
Jumper - Primark (£2.00)
Boots - Next (£60.00)
Bag - Radley (£80.00)
Necklace - Charmed Ivy (£5.00)
Ring - Charmed Ivy (£5.00)

Monday, 8 December 2014

Blogmas Day 8 - Beauty: My Handmade Lush Comforter*

So guys, we're officially into week two of Blogmas now - Am I surprised I've still kept up with posting everyday? Oh hell yeah! Honestly though, I'm really enjoying it! I love a challenge, and am a complete stubborn chick when it comes to succeeding! I'm feeling very motivated at the moment with my blog so what happens after Blogmas is done & out the way with who knows?... But today anyway we'll be looking at The Comforter from Lush... Did I mention I made it myself - When I attended the recent Lush White Rose VIP Opening Party Event I had the opportunity to make my very own comforter, which of course I obviously jumped at the chance, resulting in this bad boy - Booyah!

The comforter is a berrylicious bubble bar, all you have to do is crumble pieces under a running tap & let the bubbling commence. To preserve my Comforter I've sectioned it off into three pieces, all of which will give my bath the perfect (if not more) amount of bubbles.
The comforter is made up of Cassis absolute, bergamont oil, cypress oil & a whole host of other natural, animal friendly ingredients. It bubbles instantly & turns your bath water the most gorgeous shade of barbie pink. The Comforter leaves your bath feeling all slinky and luxurious & rather than relaxing it actually feels pretty uplifting & really energising which is amazing! It's a perfect bubble bar if you're having a morning bath or just need as extra pick me up! It gives off the most delicious blackcurrant/palma violet/hubba bubba (I couldn't pick just one) scent which seems to linger both in your bathroom & on your skin for the rest of the day. It's phenomenal.
I didn't have to pay for the Comforter due to making it myself - It retails in at £4.75 which seems pretty hefty considering the size of the bubble bar however because you can get three or four uses out of it, I think it's really reasonable!

This is a little lovely that goes a long way!

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.

The Comforter - Lush (£4.75)*

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Blogmas Day 7 - Wish List - Winter Warmies

There's something about the switch from S/S clothing to A/W that really gets me giddy. As much as I love sunning it in a Beer garden wearing little shorts & tshirts, that feeling of getting wrapped up warm in layers upon layers of cosy clothing excites me that little bit more. I think it's because I have such big love for fashion, being able to wear as much as possible really warms my cockles. Here's 10 pieces that dangerously caught my eye...

Missguided: Orla Faux Fur Leather Jacket £64.99

Matalan: Alphabet Scarf £10.00

Topshop: Double Breasted Cape £85.00

ASOS: Ted Baker Ear Muffs £28.00

H&M: Hooded Scarf £24.99

River Island: Leather Gloves £25.00

Warehouse: Pastel Pink Stole £28.00

Boohoo: Fax Fur Coat £55.00

Miss Selfridge: Multicoloured Cape £28.00

Zara: Sheepskin Gilet £39.99

If I had unlimited funds all ten of these bad boys would be making their way into my wardrobe - Unfortunately this isn't the case, however I am ridiculously tempted by the Topshop heritage cape! It's so so so so nice! So watch this space.

Have you got any of these items hanging up in your wardrobe? I'm incredibly jealous if you do!

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Blogmas Day 6 - Weekend Wisdom: Christmas Cheer In The City

If you're an avid reader of my blog you'll know that Dan and I recently relocated & moved from Middlesbrough to Leeds. It was equally as exciting as it was nerve wrecking, but there was something that I was really really super duper excited for... Having Christmas time in a city. As much as I love Middlesbrough & I'm so proud of being from the North East, there's just something about the buzz of a city at Christmas time that's so unforgettable. 

The Christmas markets were top of my to do list, even before we moved to Leeds these were what I was most excited about, so I had super high expectations! The Christkindelmarkt markets (try saying that after a few German beers) are situated in the perfectly picturesque & award winning Millennium Square and consists of over 40 wooden chalet style stalls offering a whole host of German delights.

I'm not a hoarder in the slightest, but I love all the little trinkets that Christmas Markets have to offer, there were stalls selling handmade baubles, scented candles and the most delicious looking chocolate covered marshmallows. Talking about food... Oh my god the food!... The Germans' are famous for their Bratwurst (on in English - Absolutely huge sausages) and the Markets were in abundance of them. There were loads of chocolatey based stalls too, it was super duper tempting but we ended up just grabbing a Bratwurst & a German Beer in the Beer tent. Win win situation right?
Even though the Markets were quite small compared to other cities, the Christmassy atmosphere was still fully alive. The smells, the sights, the tunes, everything was just perfectly festive.

Having the Christkindelmarkt Markets right on my door step is amazing & gets me so much more in the Christmas Spirit. The whole city seems to be alight with festivities - Christmas feels so different in the City.

Dan & I are off to Manchester Christmas Markets in a week and a halfs time so I'm super duper excited for that as I know they're going to be amazing but is there anywhere else you would recommend as a festive retreat?

Thank you so much for reading. Lots of love.
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